Safety, who needs it. You do, pal.

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First Base offers your business the personal treatment. By that we mean that you can rely on us to provide you with frontline implementation and work with your staff to ensure they are confident and understand what you want to achieve.

Health and Safety is about doing a little planning, engaging your staff and talking about how to make a job safe.

First Base can develop and implement a plan tailored to your business or we can work with the plan you already have and ensure it is working for you as it should be. This allows you to do what you’re good at….which is why you got into business in the first place.

Take the stress out of H&S and be safe on First Base.

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HR Support
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We all know Human Resources Management can be very challenging in any business. We provide Human Resources support and focus on the foundation of this critical area – the Employment Contract.

The Employment Contract is one of your most important business documents closely supported by a relevant and detailed Job Description.

Without both in place individual and team performance can be affected and in most cases won’t be measurable possibly exposing the business to all sorts of unwanted claims.

First Base can help you through this documentation and again leave you to do what you do best – run and grow your business.

People and Potential
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Finding good people for your business can be daunting and very time consuming. Writing a job add, paying for the job ad, trolling through dozens of CV’s, decide on the best two to four candidates, interviews, reference checks….

You’ve just spent between 20-30hrs and your normal work is still to be done.

Let First Base do that work for you. We take one to two hours of your time to make sure we know what you want in a new candidate leaving you to do what your good at…making your business profitable.

Temporary, permanent, or Temp to Perm…our focus is on quality not quantity. You will get the personal touch and you won’t be sent oxygen thieves!!

Still unsure of the benefits??? Talk to us and we’ll explain the other plus factors.

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Meth Testing
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NZS 8510:2017 Testing and Decontamination of Methamphetamine – contaminated Properties.

With over 2 years testing experience and a commitment to keep testing cost affordable to the everyday person, meth testing should not be expensive.

We only perform Laboratory quality testing because they are the only tests that are 3rd party independent and enforceable by the courts.

No mucking around 2-3 day result return.

For tenants, landlords, and business (commercial or machine operation)

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Our full range of services

  • Full Health and Safety system development, implementation and administration
  • Implementation and administration of your current system (it doesn’t have to be ours!!)
  • Quarterly safety assessments, half yearly procedure assessments, annual Directors reports.
  • Safety procedure review and assessment.
  • Staff training
  • Attend Staff meetings
  • On site inductions, safety observations, staff engagements.
  • Incident investigation and root cause analysis
  • Contractor and sub-contractor review for compliance (PCBU obligations)
  • Employment contracts and job descriptions
  • Workplace Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Recruitment of casual staff or permanent placements