First Base Ltd was created to offer small to medium sized businesses with a personal, professional and independent service, providing Human Resource and Health & Safety advice.

Under the new Health and Safety at Work Act, RENTAL PROPERTY owners are now considered to be small businesses, or PCBU’s (Person in Control of Business or Undertaking). Similarly, Property Managers are also PCBU’s and are under the same obligation to protect their tenants and staff from harm.

Past and present clients have requested methamphetamine testing to assist with meeting the PCBU obligations in order protect their tenants and satisfy  insurance company assessment requirements.

Methamphetamine is a growing industry in NZ and landlords are becoming more and more at risk of losing value on their investments as a result.

Currently, NZ has an approved and adopted standard for Meth testing. NZS 8510:2017 has been put in place to give clearer guidelines for testers and testing procedures. This provides consistency in an industry that has been put under the spotlight through scare mongering.

There are many “off the shelf” test kits that can detect the presence of Meth. However, as with anything off the internet, you get what you pay for and many of these kits have proven to be unreliable when compared with laboratory tests. First Base Ltd’s ONLY uses Lab test results. These test kits are specifically provided by their IANZ partner laboratory to ensure reliable and consistent results.

Although Housing NZ have adopted intervention thresholds of 1.5 ug/100cm2, First Base Ltd will report on levels as low as 0.02ug/cm2.

First Base Ltd is independent and has no vested interest of the results of the test other than information the landlord/ property manager can use to make informed decisions. We are not builders and remediation is not our area of interest.

For as little $6 per week rent, First Base Ltd can provide an annual test or a vacant property test prior to the new tenant moving in.


How much value could be apportioned to a property to be able to sell, or rent it to a customer and be able to confidently show them a clean meth test result. 

Additionally, how much of a deterrent to a potential meth user is it if they know the property will be tested for meth??

Here are four additional benefits from one test…

1. Testing will keep new tenants honest.

2. Testing will satisfy part of a landlord and Property Manager’s Health and Safety obligations. 

3. Testing is “reasonably practicable”… and cost effective.

4. Testing could reduce your insurance premiums. You may need to check if your insurance company requires testing in order to meet their due diligence requirements for cover. 

How’s that for added value?!

First Base Ltd will provide you with a testing service that can be performed during your normal property inspections or as a vacant property test between tenancies.

The first test will provide you with a base line confirmation and results will be available within 2-3 days of Lab receipt. You can have confidence in the results and test methods due to our use of an IANZ  accredited Lab.

First Base Ltd have also aligned with Hills laboratories and Analytica Laboratories as two of our specialised and accredited analysis providers.

There are 2 levels of testing available…

Test Level 1 – Multi swab.

This is the most cost effective test available as it will indicate if there is a presence of methamphetamine.

This test combines swab samples taken from each individually specified room. A small sample is taken from each swab and combined in a single test which is analysed for meth to determine an overall positive or negative result. No specific levels will be determined in this test.

If a positive result is returned, Test Level 2 is initiated upon request.

Test Level 2 – Individual swab test.

Each individual swab previously taken in Test Level 1, is held by the Lab. If Test Level 1 returns a positive result, these swabs are tested individually. This test determines the individual levels of contamination and will indicate which room/s are contaminated.

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