FIRST BASE – Property Meth Testing

The importance of Methamphetamine Testing is to Protect Your Hard Earnt Assets.

Residential, commercial, including vehicles (camper vans, trucks, boats, work sheds etc)

First Base recommends testing between tenancies. Test before the tenancy begins and we test when that Tenant vacates and before the next Tenants move in, and so on, for maximum protection on your Assets.

Meth cook houses are less problematic in recent times, however recreational consumption (smoking) is as high as ever. Typically, 1 in 4-5 houses First Base tests has meth in them. Our landlords and Property managers have a very high success rate in Tenancy tribunal awarding in their favour!!

Tenancy services generally awards in favour of landlords. As long as the results analysed by an accredited laboratory, can clearly identify which tenancy introduced the meth. First Base ONLY performs laboratory analysed sampling. “Instant” store bought kits are variable, at best. The old saying of getting what you pay for applies here!!

First Base are NZQA Accredited Samplers

We assess your property, take 10 samples per property, courier the samples to an IANZ Accredited Laboratory, and provide you with a copy of the lab results and a report of testing locations within the property, a description of the property and overall conditions and identified risk profiles.

Each sample is collected from a variety of different surfaces, photographed, labelled, & couriered for testing. Expect a 3 day turn around for your Property Results (Courier depending)

You will receive and report, (in accordance with the NZ Standard 8510:2017explaining the results), and the recommended next course of action. If above 1.5ug/100sqcm individual sample analysis is recommended, if below 1.5ug/100sqcm, no further action needed.

If the sample levels exceed 1.5ug/sample – (NZ Standard 8510:2017lWe will be there for you every step of the way from start to finish so you are fully informed.

Our first bit of FREE advice… ask your Insurance Company what intervention meth level will allow you to trigger a claim!!! Be warned, they vary. What are your premiums paying for??


Total Costings for our NZAQ Accredited Sampler to come to your property, access, test, courier, report & follow ups $250 (some travel costs may apply)

Additional costs apply if Individual sample analysis is required to determine site by site meth levels. But again, we will talk you through that if it is recommended. We can provide you with reference contacts that speak of our service and support if you require. Please reach out even if it’s just to evaluate your options.


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